Gasthaus Stadt Chemnitz im Volksmund Kästl genannt - Eine traditionelle Gaststätte mit Kegelbahn, Saal und Hotelzimmern

If you like the selection of our menu below, you can find the full menu in English here in our very own Kästl' Gazette for download.
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german   A small selection of our dishes and beverages

You can find a small selection of our menu on this page. Whether soul food or traditional German cousine, we offer a broad selection of dishes to please your taste buds.

You can also find a fine selection of local beers, spirits and very good wines. We are here for you and we will try to fulfill any of your wishes.
During our opening hours, you can enjoy the full range of our menu and a fine selection of alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages. It is our pleasure to offer you only the best comfort food to make you feel at home.

Whether you want to celebrate or hold a conference, we can provide the best solution for all your needs.

In our public hall with stage we can provide space for up to 60 people for festivities or conferences.

There is also a projector, that can be connected to video or a computer so you can beam your pictures, movies or power point presentation onto the silver screen.

Please enquire for more information about booking and our timetable.

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Bouillon   with vegetables and egg   3,10 €
Soljanka   Ukranian soup speciality   3,90 €
Small Salad   with seasonal vegetables   3,90 €
Greek Salad   with feta cheese, peppers, tomato, onions, cucumber and olives   5,90 €
Large Salad Platter 'Stadt Chemnitz'"   optional with tuna or egg or fried chicken breast strips   9,50 €
Würzfleisch - Ragout of pork   with melted cheese topping and toast   4,90 €
For Kids
Ghostgrits   rice pudding with melted butter, sugar and cinnamon   3,90 €
Pippi Longstocking   pasta with saussage + Ketchup and grated cheese   4,60 €
Good & Savory
Sülze"   pork in aspic with rémoulade and cottage fries   7,90 €
Soul Food
Marinated Pot Roast   with red cabbage and potato and crouton dumplings   11,50 €
Rinderroulade   roll of beef, with red cabbage and dumplings   12,80 €
Cured cow tounge   with asparagus, sauce hollandaise and potatoes   11,40 €
From the Pan
"Skittlers-Schnitzel"   breaded escallop with a fried egg and a choice of side   9,90 €
Rostbrätel   Boston butt steak with fried onions, herb butter and a choice of side   10,90 €
Steak "au four"   Saddle of pork with ragout, melted cheese and a choice of side   12,10 €


Biere von Glückauf und Stern   
kleines Pils
  2,00 €
großes Pils   3,00 €
Pilsner, Hefeweißbier hell oder dunkel, Clausthaler
  3,00 €
Spirituosen   4 cl
Doppelkorn   4 cl   3,20 €
Gebirgskräuter   4 cl   3,20 €
Mocca Edel   4 cl   2,20 €
Kirsch   4 cl   2,20 €
Pfefferminz   4 cl   2,20 €
Rotkäppchen   Piccolo, halbtrocken   4,90 €
Fassbrause   0,20 l   1,80 €
Lichtenauer Mineralwasser   0,25 l   1,90 €
Lichtenauer Tonic   0,20 l   1,80 €
Lichtenauer Bitter Lemon   0,25 l   1,90 €
Lichtenauer Apfelschorle   0,20 l   1,80 €
Lichtenauer Orangenlimonade   0,20 l   1,80 €
Coca Cola   0,30 l   2,00 €
Apfelsaft / Orangensaft   0,20 l   2,10 €
Tasse Kaffee   1,80 €
Espresso   2,20 €
Cappuccino   2,60 €
Verschiedene Teesorten   1,70 €