Gasthaus Stadt Chemnitz im Volksmund Kästl genannt - Ernstthal und Umgebung
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german   Local Sights and Day Trips in the Area

The 'Kästl' and the town » Hohenstein-Ernstthal have a lot to offer and in the vicinity. You will find the perfect environment if you want to go for a hike, enjoy the races at the Sachsenring Circuit. Hohenstein-Ernstthal is famous for ore mining, as it is situated in the periphery of the 'Erzgebirge' - the Ore Mountains of Saxony.

You can visit the Huthaus in the old Lampertus Mine, which is run by the association » 'Friends of Geology and Mining Hohenstein-Ernstthal'

Are you interested to find out more about the history of our town?

Please go and pay a visit to the » Karl-May-Hauses the former home of one of the most infamous children from Hohenstein-Ernstthal. Karl May's writing fathered Western stories about Winnetou and his blood brother Old Shatterhand - stories that are hard wired into the culture of our town and continue to influence and inspire people and festivities in town to this very day.

As already mentioned, » Hohenstein-Ernstthal has a long racing and the new race track » Sachsenring Circuite, has been opened in 1996 and there are many racing events throughout the year and there is also a very popular driving safety center.

Current events that happen in and around » Hohenstein-Ernstthal can be found in the event pages of our local newspaper » 'Freien Presse'. The nearest city, » Chemnitz, is about 20 minutes drive away and has a lot to offer in terms of culture and arts, night life, sports and entertainment. Check » Chemnitz Tourism for more information.

In case you intent to stay in the area for a longer period of time, the website of the » Federal State Saxony provides a lot of valuable information, what to do and where to go. As Saxony has a long and moving history, » the Museum Guide to Saxony is an essential when planning your trip.

We hope you will enjoy your stay in the public house and hotel Kästl and make the most of our beautiful scenery and culture.